2006 represents the 10-year mark for Arbor.  Ten years dedicated to the idea that better snowboards, skateboards, and apparel can be created using alternative materials from the natural world.  Ten years building a brand around great product - not fleeting mass-media hype.  Ten years spent riding hard and knowing it’s the best ways to enjoy this planet.

Today Arbor is one of the last companies left that is owned and operated by its founders and run exclusively by riders.  We remain totally committed to the original mission - that snowboard and skateboard design challenges can be overcome using environmentally friendly, natural fibers.  To that end, we’ve created our "fiberlab" think-tank to develop natural technologies for introduction into the snowboard and skate construction process.

Much thanks to everyone who supported Arbor throughout our first decade. Our promises to you are that the most progressive, well-built boards on the market will continue to bear the Arbor name, that the motivation behind the brand will always be our love of the pure-driven fun of riding, and that the production mindset will never be cheaper and faster - only better and stronger, with more style.